Calibration Tool for classification of a course within the REAL Taxonomy 
Rev. September 2020 

VCU's Relevant, Experiential, and Applied Learning initiative, or REAL, is a presidential initiative that ensures that all VCU students engage in transformative, career-building activities that connect classroom knowledge to real-world experience, create novel approaches to complex problems, and/or contribute actions that benefit our educational, professional, and civil communities.

As part of our ongoing effort to ensure equity in student access and opportunities for engagement, VCU experiential learning courses and co-curricular activities are classified according to a REAL taxonomy that assigns a level and a type.  These levels and types allow us to track student engagement across disciplines and between kinds of experiential learning.  A dashboard is being developed that will allow us to see the depth and breadth of experiential learning opportunities and engagement trends across student populations. 

The following calibration tool is designed to assist those who are preparing to apply for REAL classification of a new course or are changing the level of a course that is already certified. 

Completion of a REAL Certification Application and approval from the REAL Curriculum Committee must be completed prior to submission of a new REAL course through the Course Inventory Management system (CIM). 

Please contact with questions, or call 804-827-3421. 

Thank you for all you do on behalf of students! 

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